One Cleanse Will Change Everything Your Departure From Fear To Freedom In 18 Days


The program is currently open as a self study along with forum support.

(The next LIVE cleanse is Fall 2017) 


Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here, my name is Renee.

You showed up here today because something sparked your interest about this program: The name that you read about online, the unique strategy, the friends who referred you or the idea of cleansing or gaining more energy.
You keep hearing about all this Love Yourself Naked® stuff, healthy, holistic eating, no dieting, radical self-acceptance, less sugar and you got curious: 
You’ve done diet and food programs in the past that didn’t work for you. That’s beyond frustrating and I understand what that can feel like.
Wherever you are with your eating, know this: This cleanse will meet you exactly where you are at and it will create massive change in your body and life.
A lot of the foods that we eat (dairy, beans, grains, gluten, sugar, nuts) could be causing inflammation or allergies within your body. You may have no idea.  
Your hormones could be off and it’s causing your to feel low energy and tired, possibly depressed… The outer pain and sluggish feelings have something to do with your food choices. This cleanse will help you to find those.  
You eat pretty healthy but you don’t realize how much sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed chemicals are hiding inside your regular “go-to” or “healthy” food choices.  Your body might be experiencing a sugar depression along with skin problems, hormonal issues, thyroid issues or adrenal fatigue.  You don’t need to have a sweet tooth to have sugar impact you. Packaged and processed foods contain a lot of unknown things. Sweeteners currently hide in 74% of packaged foods within our healthiest grocery stores.
You might have an intolerance to certain foods that are impacting how you digest them. This might be causing all sorts of other issues with your ability to lose weight, release toxicity, keep your immune system strong to avoid getting disease and sicknesses
You need a reboot and you have forgotten that your food impacts your mood and how you feel mentally. Yes, you are what you eat. The food you put into your body is your fuel for how you live life and see the world.
Are you running on empty or are you supporting your body for the rest of your life?
Are you so busy and you consistently put yourself last or not on your list at all? 
You only get one body and you need to take care of it, NOW.  

I created this cleanse back in 2010 because a cleanse changed my entire life.

In 2004, I was so sick and my body was breaking down. A friend told me about a cleanse she did. I wondered if it could help me… I didn’t cook, I knew nothing about eating healthy foods and I didn’t believe I would follow through on a cleanse. I was addicted to sugar and had spent the decade before addicted to soda, cigarettes, fast food and regularly on antibiotics, allergy, cold and migraine meds.  I had to do something different. Life was becoming unmanageable.  Then I did the cleanse and I did follow through, day after day. I wasn’t perfect but I made different choices and my taste buds changed. Then my energy increased, the pains in my body started to go away and I felt better then I had in years. I decided at that time that this feeling was so good that needed to have it all the time. This lead me on a 6 year journey to change my entire life starting with my food. A cleanse is what kick started my entire health and spiritual journey.

Now I give that gift back to you.



I am going to share with you all of the things that work, and also the things that don’t work. I’m going to lead you on a journey to cleanse yourself and bring you clarity with an understanding of your body that you have never experienced before:

This cleanse will change your life.

This is a mild cleanse, recommended twice per year – each time, you’ll feel better.

This 18 day cleanse is a whole-foods based cleanse. Meaning, there are NO crazy daily powders and drinks that you have to have each day, it’s based on REAL food. The food is not included in the cleanse, you will be shopping for foods you like and a few that push you. Typically this adds about $20-$30 to your average grocery bill but will expand your horizons on what an amazingly delicious variety we have available to us.

What makes this 18 day cleanse different is that it is a lymphatic cleanse designed to help start the process of healing your gut.  The lymph system in your body gets clogged around your digestive system first and it’s the biggest reason why people have medical issues, disease, problems losing weight, balancing hormones.  

This program also teaches you a sustainable lifestyle so you know how to continue post cleanse. We provide lots of information including over 70 recipes, meal ideas, shopping lists and all the support you need with our fantastic community. Our goal is to help your gut heal, support your lymph system moving while eliminating all the products that cause allergens and inflammation in your body (sugar, gluten, corn, soy, packaged/processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and artificial-type foods)

The added bonus: the self compassion and self love that is weaved throughout this powerful cleanse, reminding you that self care is a necessity not just a luxury for the few

  • “This program has been much more than a diet plan, but really a symphony of the mind, spirit, body and balance with the environment that we live in and a great stepping stone into a healthy lifestyle for me. Much more important than the 11lbs I lost during the cleanse, is what I have gained in the approach to loving myself and staring to put myself on my higher priority list”

    - Dr. David Schindler, MD
    Primary Care Physician,
  • “I shared the amazing changes that have been happening to me since I've been working with Renee with an amazing group of my Chiropractic colleagues and how it's totally affected my adjustments and practice. Everyone was so pumped up and asking for the info, so I shared it with them! You might have chiropractors from around the world cleansing soon! Just wanted to give you a heads up.  Thank you for all you do!” 

    - Dr. Meghan Rom, DC,
  • "Since Dec 1st, the day I started your winter cleanse, I have become 100% plant based by choice. I eat wonderfully, clean and healthy. My numbers for my physical health have never been better. My husband is now plant based too. I really don't crave salt or sugar anymore. Renee, I owe my new life to you. I am in a new mindset now and it's this: if you don't own your own health, you never will. My time had come and I have no regrets."


    - Lisa Howard

Here is how it works:

  • Experience 18 days of pure whole foods eating while healing of your digestion and draining of your lymph that will bring weight loss, a happier, energetic you and stronger immunity and body.

  • You will let go of processed, packaged goods as well as foods that cause inflammation and allergies such as:

    dairy, gluten, corn, wheat, sugar, processed foods, packaged foods, artificial food/sweeteners, alcohol and most grains.

  • Each lifestyle can be accommodated on our meal plans (from vegan to paleo to gluten free to vegetarian to ketogenic). A plant based style of eating is recommended and a variety of meal ideas are included.

  • This cleanse is created with an Ayurvedic lifestyle in mind. It supports cleansing the lymphatic system using ghee (clarified butter) while eating in balance for the body’s Dosha (individual body constitution) and within balance of the season.  A Dosha Quiz is included so you can learn to eat for your specific body type

  • Release internal toxins and support lymphatic system and internal organs.

  • For those who have participated in the Free 7 Day Sugar Detox, the lymphatic cleanse, digestive support and deeper nutritional guidance within the 18 Day Cleanse Challenge is what sets these two programs apart.

  • You’ll work with “naked” whole clean foods and fun, tasty recipes and meal ideas — no crazy drinks, powders, pre-packaged meals or meal replacements.

  • You’ll learn to shop for and cook with whole foods that nurture and excite you – and we make it easy!

  • You’ll notice which foods work for you and which foods don’t. You’ll learn to trust your body!

  • You will get YOU and your body working together and you’ll feel supported and stretched by community.

  • You will break down your barriers, unhealthy patterns & negative beliefs.

  • You will unlock your potential.

What you will enjoy:

  • Scientifically proven and spiritually sound nutrition advice.

  • Increased energy, more joy and clarity in all areas of your life. Fun.

  • Many cleansers find The 18 Day Cleanse Challenge to add value to their current life versus feeling like another chore

  • A wide variety of delicious food ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Recipes and meal plans to guide.

  • My unique guidance on how to listen to your body and heal yourself.

  • Learning about your Dosha and specific way to eat for your body type.

  • Watching the results that come from the various tools we have to support your digestion and lymphatic system.

  • Our amazing community forum for help, stretch and support along the way.

  • Program support materials to give you lots of information and direction to eat well and feel your best even after the cleanse is complete!


  • "Renee has helped me transform my body more radically than any body else, ever. After her 18 Day Love Yourself Naked Challenge, I’m down 16 pounds, my libido is up and I feel incredible. She is a phenomenal coach and I only hope she shares her gifts with as many people as possible”

    - Rob Scott,
  • “I lost 16 pounds and my husband Jeff lost 22 on Renee’s cleanse, it’s so nice feeling this way and it’s given me a huge energy boost”

    - Erika Delange
  • "The Cleanse really changed me. Renee is SO AWESOME and easy to talk to and listen to! I was having a constant lack of energy to get me through the day, to wake up early enough to run and train for my marathon. My lack of energy also affected my ability to focus and plan effectively. I wasn’t in a place of feeling as strong as I would like to be and not as confident in my outward appearance as I would like to be.  I was preparing for the cleanse before it started and that was a lot of personal growth for me! Planning, organizing, and preparing the meals and my kitchen was fun, relaxing, and a stress reliever. I became fond of cooking at home more as opposed to eating out all the time. The first 2 days were challenging. Listening to Renee’s calls/videos helped me understand the process, which got me through the challenges.  I was participating in a 10K run on the 9th day of my cleanse. Truthfully, I hadn’t trained much for it and was a bit worried about how I would do. But during the run, I felt strong and finished in great time! I developed a love for new foods I have never even heard of, and I definitely feel more confident with my training for my marathon in October. I have also connected so much with my personal health, physically AND mentally! I lost 5 lbs and 2 inches in my waist. I have shinier hair, less allergies and no need for caffeine. Now, I have long lasting energy, clarity and focus on my tasks and wonderful sleep! "

    - Sally Ngo

Cleanse Truth:

  • The 18 Day Cleanse Challenge is not hard. There will be tough love, boundaries and kind, compassionate stretching out of your comfort zone.
  • It is called a challenge for a reason.
  • It’s not a quick fix and it is about long-term health and self love.
  • We are here to help the root issues: digestion, lymphatic and inflammation. The consequences of these will be clearer skin, weight loss, inches loss, harmony and balance to your less inflamed body.
  • A little fear when you begin is normal and to be expected.
  • We all say we want change and I believe we do. However, when it stares us in the face, we have a tendency to want to run.  Fight or flight kicks in. Don’t run, stay in the discomfort. That is how you grow.
  • Freedom comes from creating more structure and more challenge in your life, not less.
  • You will see yourself, your body and mind differently after this cleanse.
  • The process will not always be graceful and it will never be perfect.
  • This challenge is about getting naked with your fear and discomfort. It’s teaching you to be Real.
  • Our veteran cleansers, myself and the hundreds of people who have participated in The 18 Day Cleanse Challenge will tell you that it will change your entire life. I do understand about being nervous to jump into something like this if you have never done it before. Maybe you’re trying to decide if it will be too hard, take up too much time or fit into your lifestyle. You’re concerned about the cooking, meals or if you can pull this off.
  • We all have the power to heal and we are all worthy of our precious time to give it a shot.

This program is a catalyst for change. The Departure From Fear To Freedom To Love Yourself Naked® begins here…

Every piece of this program is set up for you to succeed.

Here’s what you get:

  • Daily email from Renee during the 18 days that will give you affirmations and cleansing direction that you can implement each day.

  • The 18 Day Cleanse Challenge Membership platform. All of your materials will be store in one easy to find location.

  • Love Yourself Naked® videos and audios designed specifically for the 18-Day Challenge that are woven into the seasonal content of the course.

  • Love Yourself Naked® Workbook

  • Love Yourself Up Recipe Book

  • Dosha Quiz, Dosha Results and a simple plan to eating according to your body type.

  • A seasonal program. What makes this cleanse different is that it will feature a seasonal cleanse based on the time of year you register.

  • A private Facebook Community forum moderated personally by Renee and our veteran cleansers. We’ll celebrate together, talk about your aha! moments, answer your questions and continue to cultivate an intimate and private community of people who are on the journey of Love Yourself Naked and finding freedom with food.

  • Shopping lists.  Check lists. Meal plans for the 18 days so you can create habits that create long-term success.

  • Menu Planner worksheet to help you organize your meals and shopping trips.

  • Food tracker to keep you keep track of your food choices

  • * NEW* Sample menu plans to inspire you to create your own delicious meals

  • *NEW* Video Training on how to massage and support your Lymph system during the cleanse.

  • (Only for those who choose option 2 below) Access to the weekly Love Yourself Naked® call and Q&A during your 18 days. These calls are for sharing and for your questions. *Recordings will be available if you miss any calls

  • All materials will be on the 18 Day Challenge Website For 15 days after the cleanse is complete. We then turn off access we make updates to the cleanse each season.

What you WILL NOT find in this cleanse:

  • pre-packaged/highly processed foods

  • boxed or bottled meal replacements (no powdered drinks or ready made boxed meals)

  • weight loss powders or pills

  • counting calories 

  • set menus with highly restrictive lists of allowed foods

  • fear based shaming during the challenge

When you register today, you receive… 

*NEW* Lymph Massage Training

The lymphatic system is a huge drainage network that helps keep your bodily fluid levels in balance to defend against infections. If the lymphatic system doesn’t drain the excess fluid, it would build up in the body’s tissues and they would swell. That would lead to more germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi that can cause illness.  Think of it as the filtration system for your body (your drains). It transports fatty acids and immune cells throughout your body as well.

In this training, you’ll learn how to:

1) support the lymphatic system daily

2) massage techniques to get it moving

3) bonus tools to support your body further in cleansing

(VALUE $150)

21 Days Of Meal Plans

These meal plans are tasty and set up to maximize variety and seasonal foods.  Many can be prepped for the week leaving you more time to enjoy your life!


(VALUE $80)

Morning Meditation

One of the biggest keys to optimal health is being able to quiet your mind.  The change of seasons brings a new purpose for many of us.  Its a chance to fulfill our purpose and energy to embrace change.  I invite you to enjoy this meditation and shine positive attention onto yourself.  This will fill you with a passion for living your best life each day of the 18 Day Challenge.


(VALUE $150)

  • “I have to admit that this cleanse has not been as difficult for me as I thought it would be. I have been able to acknowledge foods that I should not eat, but not feel compelled to eat them. I kind of wonder how sugar became such a MONSTER in my life.” 

    – Suzanne Croll
  • "I’ve been passionate about fitness and nutrition for several years now, but hadn’t yet beat the sugar addiction I’ve had since I was young. The cleanse was great for me, as it shifted the way I view foods on an even greater level. Since Renee’s cleanse I crave sugar far less and actually take the time to notice the impact it has on my body after eating it, tailoring the consistent habits I have with the foods I put into my system. One of my main goals going into the cleanse was to do just this – get rid of my sugar addiction, and I can say it was successful. The cleanse provided me with more energy, a better understanding of the foods I’m putting into my body, enjoyment for cooking, and an array of healthy recipes I can use moving forward. I’d recommend this program for anyone looking to shed some pounds, create a new healthy lifestyle, harness more energy, or to anyone that is looking to become a more educated, better version of themselves."

    - Tanya Porter
  • "The cleanse helped me in several ways, both expected and unexpected. First, this is much more than a cleanse, it’s a healthy lifestyle. There were many benefits to her program but a few that stand out are:

    1. I felt very supported by Renee. She always over delivers in her programs (in the best way). There was plenty to read and learn and I felt her presence every day whether it was through email or through her videos. She also offered an online forum through FB and even though I didn’t participate there, I still felt her support and presence. Renee is very knowledgeable about health and nutrition and doesn’t hold back on sharing or explaining things which made the cleanse very educational.

    2. It got me off of my addiction to sugar and refined carbs! Woohooo!!!! That has been my biggest health struggle for years.

    3. It offered so many food options to choose from including great recipes that I never felt hungry or deprived. My fridge was stocked the entire time. I was also able to step out of my comfort zone and try some new vegetables, greens and fermented foods I hadn’t tried before.

    4. I spent more time in the kitchen cooking and preparing than usual, but this time I enjoyed it. It felt like it was special “me time.” It felt sweet to gift myself that extra time to make myself a healthy, delicious meal. Sometimes I’d turn the music on and it became a really enjoyable experience.

    5. The best part of the cleanse for me was that I got two solid weeks under my belt toward living the kind of lifestyle I’ve been wanting to live.Now that the sugar “noise” in my body is gone, I can hear what my body is actually saying it needs. I’m learning it speaks more subtly when it’s in a healthy state. It requires a deeper listening from me (it’s not screaming for broccoli they way it did for donuts), but I’m loving this new intimacy with my body. It’s cleaner and happier and that has been so good for my mood and energy levels. I felt foggy-brained, fatigued, irritable, heavy and “boggy” before. Now I feel lighter (I’ve lost 7 lbs), sharper, and am able to concentrate on my work better. I also have more energy to get more done in a day including the things I love. I highly recommend this cleanse to just about anyone wanting to re-discover the experience of living a healthy lifestyle. I’m excited to continue applying these new skills and habits to make this a permanent lifestyle change. Thank you, Renee!"   

    - Rosalyn Fay ,

You are about to receive access to The 18 Day Love Yourself Naked Cleanse Challenge. It contains everything you need to get started and complete a successful cleanse for your digestion, lymph combine with self care and love.  This is unlike anything you have ever done before, and it is not outdated like a nutrition book from years past. Each cleanse that I conduct has new info and better knowledge, evolving as us humans tend to do.




18 Day Cleanse Challenge




18 Day Cleanse Challenge 


2 LIVE Group Coaching Q&A calls

with Renee during the cleanse


Naked and Transparent 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My intention is for you to create life changing moments and results through this experience. Every effort has been put into this program to be a catalyst for you to do so. The 18 Day Challenge will not always be easy, but I know from experience that when you do things to take care of your health and body, success in business and relationships is bound to improve and you’ll have the tools you came here for. And when all of the love, health, energy and joy come flooding into your world… you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this earlier. This program comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If after 30 days from the start of your program, you are not satisfied with the 18 Day Love Yourself Naked® Challenge, let us know and we’ll refund you in full. If you aren’t happy, I don’t want your money. faqStill have questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us at

If you are still reading this, you need help with your health! Let me help you win and create the success you desire. It’s high time you know the value you have in this world and how you show up for yourself and others when you give yourself the love, nutrition and lifestyle you deserve. Thank you for your interest in the 18 Day Love Yourself Naked® Challenge!

To loving the body you’re in,