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“Listening to Renee’s videos/calls helped me understand the process, which got me through the challenges. She’s SO AWESOME and easy to talk to and listen! I have connected so much with my personal health, physically AND mentally! I lost 5 lbs and 2 inches in my waist. I have shinier hair, less allergies. Now, I have long lasting energy, clarity and focus.”

~ Sally Ngo

“Renee’s expertise and experience helped me understand nutrition and healthy living in a way that was both practical and easy to understand. Her personal interest in helping me achieve my goals went “above and beyond” the call of duty and her understanding of nutritional  matters uniquely qualifies her to do what she is doing in this very important field of balancing nutrition and exercise to establish healthy living.  I highly recommend working with Renee!”

~ Dan Dalton


“I have to admit that this detox has not been as difficult for me as I thought it would be. I have been able to acknowledge foods that I should not eat, but not feel compelled to eat them. I kind of wonder how sugar became such a MONSTER in my life.”

~ Suzanne Croll


“What are the results, I have achieved so far? A new level of happiness, a clear understanding of my core values/desires and yes, a much higher level of energy with an improved diet, and I do now ‘love myself naked.’”

~ Darrin M.